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Halloween in August

The theme park Halloween auditions are starting up.



    Halloween in August
    Knott's Berry Farm
    Knott's is searching for its Halloween 2010 monsters.

    The signs of fall are many. The smell of pencils in the store aisles. The making of jam.

    And growly, groany people dragging along the edges of our theme parks. We'd guess seeing zombies and mad scientists in July and early August isn't a foretelling of autumn in too many places -- except, of course, for you, Orlando -- but it definitely is here in Southern California.

    That's because that's around the time when Universal Studios Hollywood and Knott's Berry Farm open the gates to all the aspiring monsters who want nothing more than to evil-chuckle their way through October, and get paid for doing so.

    Universal's search for "scareactors" -- rhymes with "characters" -- happened in late July. The Knott's auditions are gearing up over the next few days (this week is by invite only to returnees; auditions on Aug. 16 and 17 will be open to all). Bring your gloweriest faces, wannabe Buena Park-close baddies. And make sure you're free from late September through late October.

    Finally, this fog and these crows and this missing summer feels just about right. Well, to audition for a Halloween-themed show, anyway.