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Happy 51st Season, Bob Baker Marionettes

A major marionette theater kicks off a fresh run.



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    Bob Baker Marionettes
    The Bob Baker Marionettes kick off their 51st season on Saturday, Jan. 22.

    Just the other day we got to yammering about how there are certain sorts who believe the deepest, most interesting artists must emerge from the rainiest, garret-iest of places.

    But then, Burbank produced Tim Burton.

    Likewise, puppets and marionettes seem to be, in many minds, the provenance of older cities, cities where people run around holding balloons and wearing mufflers. In summer.

    But then, Hollywood's home to The Jim Henson Company, and right near downtown is The Bob Baker Marionettes, which happens to be the "oldest, ongoing puppet theater" in America.

    Take that, marionette-and-puppet hoggers of other places. LA is all over the delightful art form, like buttons and yarn on felt.

    Mr. Baker is debuting his 51st season in his sweet, old-school theater. "Magic Strings," the theater's new (and returning) production, debuts on Saturday, Jan. 22. We say "old-school" there, but with respect and awe in our voice (or typing fingers). In a world falling over its feet to get to the new-new-new, Mr. Baker just keeps doing it right.

    Lastly, there's a cake with a face on his site, and if a cake with a face can't get you excited for the weekend, really, probably nothing can.