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Here Come the Holiday Spectaculars

Trees are getting lit, one by one.



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    Americana at Brand lights its 2009 tree on Thursday, November 19th at 7:30PM.

    As much as people bellyache about the holidays arriving earlier and earlier (we admit we sometimes dabble in such bellyaching), practically everyone is cheered by thousands of wee lights twinkling on a giant Christmas tree. Good thing then that Glendale's shopping nexus The Americana at Brand is loading up on the bulbs for its second holiday season.

    Heralding the start of all the ho-ho-ho haps, the Christmas Tree Lighting on Thursday, November 19th is the grand kick-off to several more evenings of yuletide to-dos around The Americana.

    If you've called upon The Americana's sibling The Grove during the holidays, you know things are going to get over-the-top-ish at the flicking of the switch on the big tree. There will be fireworks and entertainment -- OneRepublic will be on the stage -- thrown into the mix, plus a few cameos from famous faces (the most famous face being a bearded, rosy-cheeked one -- okay, we can't keep mum, it's Santa).

    The Americana's tree tops at over 100 feet, and the lights? There are thousands of them strung up around the shopping center. Talk about jump-starting our merriment.