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High Spirits Reign at Big Boat's Supernatural Bash



    High Spirits Reign at Big Boat's Supernatural Bash
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    Is that a little cloud, or something more spirited, hovering over the Queen Mary? See if you can find out at Ghostfest, January 23-25.

    Ever flip past a chilling program on cable, only to see the Queen Mary front and center? Seems like our most famous dry-docked ocean liner is the favorite spot, or at least one of the favorites, of ghost-show producers everywhere. Big yearly events like Ghostfest, coming up the weekend of January 23-25, probably have much to do with its very globally recognized paranormal rep. Also adding to the legends is the fact that amateur spirit-finding sleuths are on-board the historic ship pretty much every day of the week, sniffing out ectoplasmic activity.

    Ghostfest, an annual three-day extravaganza devoted to the guests of the Queen Mary who never checked out, is hosted by Erika Frost, described as the ship's "own paranormal researcher." There will be late-night activities, seances, author meetings, talks and tours, and a general focus on all that is a wee bit frightening. That oh-so-elegant first-class swimming pool? Shivers indeed. We've heard there might be some kind of portal to another plane near the pool -- the mere word "portal" lends a chill -- so maybe the Ghostfest attendees will be able to locate it.

    Special packages are available for aspiring wraith trackers; see the site for more info. Happy haunting (or being haunted)...

    Ghostfest 3
    January 23-25
    The Queen Mary, 1126 Queen's Highway, Long Beach