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Hollywood Bowl Opens Its Famous 5-or-More Deal

You're going to go. Why not go for cheaper?



    Hollywood Bowl Opens Its Famous 5-or-More Deal
    Hodgetts & Fung
    Buy five concerts, get a sixth free, during the Hollywood Bowl's 2010 season.

    Summer is starting to get very flirtatious with us.

    Very. We're barely into Daylight Saving. St. Patrick's Day hasn't even happened yet. And already we're dreaming of a perfect July night listening to one of our favorite bands at the Hollywood Bowl.

    This is a common occurrence for many Angelenos -- wishing it was a summer night at the Hollywood Bowl -- but that wishing got stronger on Monday, March 15, thanks to the Bowl kicking off its famous 5-or-More offer. 

    What's the 5-or-More about? Well, in short, you buy five tickets to five different shows, and then you get a sixth for free. (There are specifics, like where you'll sit and the nights available, so go into this deal being fully FYI-ed).

    There are other nice things, like getting your tickets ahead of buyers on May 2, the day tickets go on sale to everybody. You'll want to read all the details before poring over the calendar, of course.

    So, who will you see? Goldfrapp? The Warner Bros. night? Plus three more, and then one for gratis?