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Hot Times at Hancock Park

B-movies and video art take the stage.



    Hot Times at Hancock Park
    LACMA hosts Late Night Art on Saturday, June 26.

    Hancock Park. The bubbling pits. The giant museums. Those super sloths.

    If we can build a Saturday night being somewhere near those sloths, and there are movies involved, and video art, and people watching, and being-under-the-stars-ing, and nearby, the tar pits burble, well. It's a rare happiness.

    Good thing then that various haps are dovetailing -- sloth-tailing? -- at the La Brea Tar Pits area on Saturday, June 26.

    The Natural History Museum will kick off its "B-Movies and Bad Science" summer series with a screening of "Encino Man." How perfect, watching this 1992 flick next to the pits. It's happening near the Page Museum. Movie starts at 8 p.m.

    And, just steps away, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is hosting "Late Night Art -- Video on the Loose: Freewaves and 20 Years of Media Art." Tickets are $10, and there will be over 20 videos playing around the BP Grand Entrance. This starts at 8 p.m., too.

    But which activity will the sloths choose to attend? That's our question. We can never read those two.