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How Was Your Weekend? Michael Jackson Movie, Young Hollywood...



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    Crowds showed, and snapped up tickets, for the Michael Jackson movie "This Is It"; the film opens October 27th in select theaters.

    "THIS IS IT": When movies are making news ahead of their release date, everyone takes notice. And when many, many people line up at L.A. Live, as they did over the weekend, to purchase tickets to the Michael Jackson film "This Is It," headlines are made. Tickets sold out in two hours; we're intrigued by the fact that the new Regal Theater will show the film on all 14 screens. Has that ever been done for a single movie before? "This Is It" screenings start on October 27th at 9PM.

    TEEN VOGUE YOUNG HOLLYWOOD PARTY: At MILK Studios on Friday, September 25th. On the guest list: the McCord sisters, Katie Cassidy of the new "Melrose Place," Sofia Vassilieva, Taylor Lautner. Two months to "New Moon," Twilight people. Less than two months. "Meet the stars of tomorrow" -- in Teen Vogue's words -- via this photo-nice gallery; several of the party's attendees are pictured.

    STRING CHEESE MAN SIGHTINGS: The pizza-filled Feast of San Gennaro unfurled, like lovely dough across a round silver platter, across the better part of Hawthorne in Hollywood. And while we had mooned over meeting the roving Precious string cheese man at a past San Gennaro, we weren't sure if he'd be back this year. But then, the photos started to pour in. Sightings. Many. Phew. Our week can go forward.