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Human Mom, Furry Tot, Mutual Makeovers

You get gussied up. So does your pup. Then, a photo session.



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    Studio DNA and Healthy Spot
    Studio DNA and Healthy Spot have joined up to makeover moms and their dogs on Sunday, May 9.

    Mother's Day may be among the most traditional of holidays -- the bouquet, the brunch, the morning phone call -- but it certainly can handle a tweak now and then.

    The 2010 tweak, LA-style: Makeovers for moms and their dogs. Studio DNA in West Hollywood has partnered with the Healthy Spot for full-on spoiling for humans and their hounds on Sunday, May 9.

    Each gets a makeover -- mom at Studio DNA, pooch at Healthy Spot -- and then there is a glamour photo shoot. There will be an eco-friendly car service in-between both WeHo-y locations. There will be a take-home bag full of treats. Package prices start at $150 for little dogs. Reserve a spot at 310-657-2400.

    LA! LA. This is where the slack-jawed marveling so often directed at our city comes from. Our perfect weather, and the mom/dog photo shoots.

    Don't be jealous, people who don't live here. We're a very welcoming lot.