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Huntington Ranch Debuts

The landmark has a new section devoted to agriculture.



    Huntington Ranch Debuts
    The Huntington
    The Huntington Ranch debuts on Friday, Nov. 12.

    The first thing to know about the Huntington Library's new Huntington Ranch, which debuts officially on Friday, Nov. 12, is that is will not be open on a daily basis to visitors, as other parts of the grounds are.

    The second thing to know is that the public will be welcome at various events at the Ranch throughout the year. Those events will likely focus on various aspects of sustainable urban agriculture, the Ranch's important reason for being.

    The third thing to know is that the Huntington Ranch is very much a vital return to what the property once did. When Henry Huntington set up house in the area over a century ago, he didn't have a restaurant and gift shop and various gardens open to visitors. It was his home, his large home, and he oversaw the growing of fruits and vegetables that helped to keep his manor afloat.

    And his business, too; the Huntington says that "the first commercial avocado grove" in the state was likely located on the grounds.

    The fourth thing to know is where exactly the Ranch is located (just because you're probably curious; we were). It is northwest of the Botanical Center, and if you want to know more about upcoming haps, you'll want to stay clued in here.