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Inara Salutes Dolly

Inara George goes "Jolene"-ing in Topanga.



    Inara Salutes Dolly
    Inara George
    Inara George pays tribute to Dolly Parton on Saturday, Sept. 4.

    When we said that we liked to listen to that special Topanga combo of chimes + wind more than anything, we didn't know that local songbird (and Bird-and-the-Bee-er) Inara George would be filling the canyon with the sounds of Dolly Parton.

    Words eaten. Now we think we might like that best, or at least it'll go into our top five list of Topanga-based sounds. (You have one too, right?)

    The concert is on Saturday, Sept. 4, but we're imploring fans of either or both singers and of Topanga and of the marvelously rustic Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum to purchase tickets now. This looks like a hot show, it'll be Labor Day Weekend, and a whole host of singers, including that Bardess of Silver Lake Ms. Eleni Mandell, will be on the stage. A seat is $40 or $25, depending on the tier.

    The show's at 3 p.m., which means there will be plenty of sunlight-dappling-through-trees action. Topanga does that really well, too.

    Ms. Parton is not due to show, we should add, but don't we carry the spirit of Dolly, just a little bit, in all our hearts? If you don't, it definitely improves one's outlook. You should at least know all the words to "Here You Come Again," which people in lab coats may one day deem the best karaoke ballad ever.