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Intriguing Cocktail of the Week



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Intriguing cocktails? They're being shaken all over Southern California.

    We've been lingering over thoughts of Lola's on Fairfax for a few days. The famous apple martinis were a topic at a recent party; then we heard the restaurant is throwing a "Hard Times Happy Hour" every night of the week from 5:30-7:30PM (three cheers for the weekend happy hour, an all-too-rare occurrence). Lola's pulled-from-the-headlines happy hour includes special martinis for a fiver, and a selection of appetizers for just a couple of coins more. Did we mention there's a DASH stop not far from Lola's? This we like.

    But the Intriguing Cocktail of the Week must go to Lola's Red Caramel Apple Martini. It's fall, it's chilly (okay, for here), and all we want to do is skip around with a candy-something on a stick. How great is it that there's a grown-up version of this autumn snack? We like it when cocktail hour and dessert can be combined in one sugary-sweet glass of fruity goodness. Simple and tasty. The only question is, where does one insert dinner into that equation? Is dinner even necessary? Or perhaps that, too, can arrive in cocktail form: Tenderloin & Tonic. Or perhaps not.

    By the way, word has it the DASH might be going with late-night hours for the holiday season, at least around downtown. Think this could become a citywide, all-year-long thing? Dear DASH...

    945 N. Fairfax Avenue West Hollywood