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It's Downright Oktoberfesty 'Round These Parts



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Find your favorite Oktoberfest around Los Angeles

    L.A. Mart Oktoberfest: That furniture-laden, giftie-gift emporium is lining up the sausages 'n steins for an afternoon-long party on Saturday, October 10th. Looks like a bunch of the ticket packages have been sold out, but some more tickets have been added. So, this is not a think-about-it-and-wait kind of deal. Get going if you want to get oompahing.

    Old World Village Oktoberfest: We turned the spotlight on this Huntington Beach bash last month, in part because it was the very first Southern California Oktoberfest out of the gate. Beyond taking place in the postcard-quaint setting, we should also mention the dachshund races happening every Sunday. Talk about whipping the crowd up. Oktoberfest at Old World goes through November 1st.

    Alpine Village Oktoberfest: It's in Torrance, it boasts all the Oktoberfest touchstones (yay, chicken dance), and there are additional events to cheer on, like cow milking and the sawing of wood. While a lot of parties around SoCal are running through November 1st, this one wraps it all up on October 25th, so you best get to Torrance lickety-split like.

    Lake Arrowhead Oktoberfest: Oh, the sweet location is just Alpine-y. Eat a brat and then go ride around a high mountain lake on a tour boat. It's almost like being in some small burg outside of Munich. The traditional to-do is every weekend through November 1st (including Friday nights).

    The Phoenix Club:Anaheim was founded by German pioneers -- it's in the very name of the city -- and locals like to celebrate each October. Look for all the delicious dishes and pretty dirndls and sing-a-long songs to be a part of the party. There is *a lot* of live entertainment going down at the Phoenix Club, we should mention. A lot. Through October 31st.