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It's a Mad, Mad, Sparkly World

The LA Diamond Dash takes to the streets to find a fancy gem.



    It's a Mad, Mad, Sparkly World
    The Ritani ring at the heart of the LA Diamond Dash.

    If you're a fan of one of the greatest movies ever to have been filmed in our city -- that would be "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World," of course -- you can be forgiven if you hear of some local treasure hunt and immediately picture '60s-style cars careening around the PCH (and driven by Buddy Hackett and Spencer Tracy, naturally).

    But the LA Diamond Dash will not employ the high-jinks-laden techniques seen in that 1963 cinema classic. Rather, the Sunday, Nov. 7 event, which is hosted by Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelers, will call upon more high-tech methods than high jinks. Meaning that your search for the $20,000 Ritani ring -- that's the treasure, by the by -- will not require you to hire a llama, small prop plane, or golf cart for the day.

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation is the day's beneficiary, and Westwood and West LA will be the scene of the happy dashing. You will need a cell phone -- you'll want to read all before entering -- and you will need to sign up in advance.

    (And yes, "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" did use other locations besides LA, but can you ever drive down California Avenue in Santa Monica without thinking about the madcap movie's race to the finish? We can't. But then again, we can't stop adding "Mads" when we start writing the title; sometimes we get up to 17 or 18 in a row.)