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Joplin's Porsche Gets the Museum Treatment

It'll be on display, very soon, downtown.



    Joplin's Porsche Gets the Museum Treatment
    Grammy Museum
    Janis Joplin's 1965 Porsche arrives at the Grammy Museum on Tuesday, March 23. The exhibit opens on Monday, April 5.

    We're just wondering if the Grammy Museum phoned up the Petersen Automotive Museum and asked for tips on the whole moving-a-giant-motorized-machine-into-a-museum deal.

    Because Janis Joplin's famous and memorably painted 1965 Porsche pulled up to the music museum early on Tuesday, March 23. It'll be part of a big Joplin/Hendrix/Doors exhibit that's due to open on Monday, April 5.

    Most places would just round up a few costumes, maybe a signed LP or two, for an exhibit. But not the Grammy people. Oh no. They go out. All. Out. Get us a car! Yes! We said car! (Maybe we're paraphrasing there.)

    The museum tweeted the pic and we had to share, because the colorful Porsche sitting outside the museum is our favorite picture of the day. Which is saying a lot. Because we, like you, having access to the Internet, see approximately 758 images by 9 a.m.

    Lady Joplin, nice wheels. We can almost picture you zipping down PCH, carefree and all Bobby McGee'd.