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Kick-Ass Day

Meltdown is feting a fan-fave comic.



    Kick-Ass Day
    "Kick-Ass" debuts wide on Friday, April 16; Meltdown Comics celebrates on Wednesday, April 7.

    The levels if Kick-Assery are certainly building over at the Movie-Buzz-O-Watch factory.

    The super-hero flick, based on the Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. comic, has been the talk of various boards and conventions since Comic-Con last summer. Now, ahead of its wide April 16 release, local shop Meltdown Comics is throwing a full-on Kick-Ass Day on Wednesday, April 7.

    What does Kick-Ass Day entail? You don't have to suit up before heading out to the office. You just need to keep an eye on Meltdown for details on giveaways and things signed by Kick-Ass people and swag.

    Swag, a nice word.

    Meltdown, a nice shop. Follow the comics palace on Twitter and maybe get yourself something Kick-Ass-y before the week is through.