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Kidspace Caterpillar Days

Adoption a 'pillar and watch it transform over the next few weeks.



    Kidspace Caterpillar Days
    The Kidspace Children's Museum caterpillar adoptions open on Saturday, March 17. And the big butterfly release? April 28 and 29.

    A one-time event where families can come and have fun and make stuff and eat snacks and then leave, a little tired and a little cranky and very happy and fulfilled a few hours later?

    We love 'em, and we're lucky to live in a city where they're so plentiful. But we also keep an eye out for the two-part family to-do, because they're much rarer. And, moreover, there's a lesson within.

    One such two-parter is Caterpillar Adoption Days at the Kidspace Children's Museum. Granted, the first part, which requires you stopping by and buyinig your caterpillar and kit, is not a full-on event but it is necessary.

    Here's how Caterpillar Adoption Days, which open on Saturday, March 17, works.

    A family swings by the Pasadena institution and purchases a caterpillar care kit for four bucks. Then they return home, to grow their little caterpillar and watch it pupate (best word ever? Yes.) and marvel at the wonders of life. Then, on Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29, families return to Kidspace without their caterpillar but, wait for it, with their brand-new butterfly.

    We know this. We know how it works. We know. And yet, the mind is blown every. Single. Time.

    The last weekend in April is the big butterfly release. But you'll need to get on the caterpillar bandwagon weeks before if you want to be a part. (A butterfly costume isn't required, but please; they are the cutest. We recommend.)

    See what we're saying about the family two-parter? They don't come around nearly enough. We like it because it teaches kids all sorts of things like planning and patience. We personally could use a few lessons there as well.

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