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LA Times Photo Department's New Blog

Amazing photographs snapped by the org's photojournalists.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Allen J. Schaben
    Framework, the new photo- and video-centered blog from the LA Times, launched in Aug. 2010.

    Hero Complex, it isn't over between us. You're still our numero uno LA Times blog, the one blog we expect dons a cape and a mask and does good deeds for Angelenos in its offline time.

    But there's a new LA Times blog in town, it's called Framework, and we're feeling more complex over our Hero Complex devotion. The news organization's much-lauded Photography Department has just pushed out its own online space, and if you think Framework is full of amazing and provocative images, all created by photojournalists, you would be correct.

    We'll also add that video, as well as photos, will star on Framework.

    There are palm- and star-laden, highly iconic California scenes, and there are epic events that happened here and abroad over the last several decades. Here's one from last week -- the Prop. 8 announcement -- and here's one from 1966. That's Julie Christie talking about her Oscar win in a smoky, photographer-packed room.

    Expect historic images on Framework, expect up-to-the-minute work, and count on photographers discussing what they do or how they got the shot. Bookmark now.