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Lights Off, Earth

The planet preps to flip the switch.



    Lights Off, Earth
    Queen Mary
    The Queen Mary is set to participate in the 2010 Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27.

    Scrabble by candlelight. Stretching out on the grass, staring at the stars. Not doing much but sharing a beer or two with a pal.

    The pleasures of an hour spent in the dark are plentiful, and the bonuses are many. Earth Hour, the annual turn-off-the-lights push that happens each spring, is asking all of us to flip the switch for just 1/24 of a day. Energy awareness and be-nice-to-the-planet-ness is at the heart of those 60 minutes.

    Those minutes arrive in Los Angeles at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 27. Actually, Earth Hour is at 8:30 p.m. on that Saturday, wherever you might be.

    But private citizens are not the only ones being asked to go lights-off. Several government organizations and schools are participating, as are businesses like the Hilton in Anaheim and the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

    Ohhh, an hour of all-over darkness on the famously haunt-y ocean liner. Pre-chills.

    We went Earth Hour last year and only have one rec in advance: prepare. Do not begin looking for that Scrabble board in the pitch darkness, with only your cell lighting the way. Total darkness is total darkness. No cheating.