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Los Angeles Comedy Festival



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Lex Cassar
    Guffaw over Worst Laid Plans and other hilarious troupes during the Los Angeles Comedy Festival.

    What flavor do you like your funny? The Los Angeles Comedy Festival is a veritable ice cream counter of tastes. The comics and troupes are the frosty, delicious scoops, and the jokes are the toppings, and the punchlines are the rainbow-hued sprinkles, and... Well, we just want to grab a plastic spoon and dig in. Oh, and the theater where people are performing would be the little paper cup. Right? We think. Hmmm...

    But the real question is what to sample first. A starry roster of top-notch stand-ups, from LA and beyond, are part of this big, over-sized laugh spectacular. Some of the solo performers aim to deliver searing satire, others to shock and delight; a few even get musical. And then the sketch-focused groups unleash the merry mayhem. Worst Laid Plans: True Tales of Terrible Sex particularly intrigues, but the title alone suggests caution when choosing your date for the evening. We're also curious about the sketch groups employing video. So much choice.

    Oh, and the cherries would be the audience participation, and the marshmallow fluff would be, um, the applause...

    On nightly through Sunday, November 23
    Show times vary; check web site
    $10/show (multi-show package available)
    Art/Works Theatre, 6569 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles