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Love, "Thelma & Louise"

Writer Callie Khouri revisits the game-changing film.



    Love, "Thelma & Louise"
    Callie Khouri discusses "Thelma & Louise" on Wednesday, March 10 at the Writers Guild.

    Practically every night here, somewhere, there's a room with a projector, and someone is giving a talk on the lighting in some obscure movie from 1962 and how it impacted all the films of 1963.

    And here's the part that makes the heart swell: Fans line up. People come. In Los Angeles, this is a Wednesday night.

    Now, we're not aspersioning any lesser known flick, no bob. But when a movie like "Thelma & Louise" has its Wednesday-night-in-LA treatment, and screenwriter Callie Khouri will be there, and there will be an in-depth-group-deep-think, well, warm up the convertible.

    This is all going down at the Writers Guild on Wednesday, March 10 at 5 p.m.

    Obviously we're assuming you've seen the 1991 Ridley Scott-helmed film. Several times. You're thinking of the trucker scene. Of a baby-faced Brad Pitt. Or you're remembering the lone, just-washed glass Louise leaves next to her sink. Favorite part.

    What's your favorite part? Will it be dissected at the WGA? Probably. Zoom zoom, fans.