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Lovett and Love (Shakespearean Love, That Is)

Alt-country meets lit-majesty in Culver City.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Michael Wilson
    Lyle Lovett will be joining "Much Ado About Nothing" at the Kirk Douglas on Friday, Dec. 10.

    Is this situation kind of like when a person says "Beetlejuice" three times, in order to make the rascally wraith appear?

    We're just asking, because the situation doesn't seem all that different. Our argument: When you add a famous artist's music to your play -- say like the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles has done with Lyle Lovett and "Much Ado About Nothing" -- it really is only a matter of time before the artist himself appears on stage (an artist who is completely handsome and charming and high-of-hair, we'll add, and not in any way like a certain disheveled fictional ghost).

    (Oh, and Mr. Lovett? Us starting out with "Beetlejuice" there was a total compliment. Of course, you get that, seeing as how you starred in "The Player," a film rife with dark mischief and bad deeds and ghosts of a different sort.)

    Mr. Lovett will indeed be gracing the Shakespearean love-a-thon starting on Friday, Dec. 10 at the Kirk Douglas in Culver City. Helen Hunt and Tom Irwin are in it, and David Ogden Stiers, and it is set in a California vineyard. Nice and nice and wine. We mean nice.

    As mentioned, Mr. Lovett's beautiful alt-country tuneage is providing the soundtrack on stage. The previews are running Dec. 1-11, but note this production is nearly as short as a song; the last show is Sunday, Dec. 19.

    Now, we're off to say "Lyle Lovett" three times. Oh, look at that; "She's Already Made Up Her Mind" just came on shuffle. It totally works.