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Loving (and Growing) Your Vegetables

Triscuit's Home Farming movement arrives in LA.



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    The Home Farming movement arrived in Los Angeles on March 11, 2010, at the St. Stephens and Jubilee Consortium.

    The words "home farming" fill us with a sense of comfort, and the immediate desire for something made with beets or tomatoes.

    And seeing urban- and home-farming efforts at work is even more comfort-inspiring. Los Angeles is home to many robust community gardens, and now one more can be added: The Home Farming farm at St. Stephen's and Jubilee Consortium at 6125 Carlos Avenue.

    A new garden, courtesy of Triscuit, was planted on Thursday, March 11. One goal of the garden is to spread the word about the ease and joy of growing your own delicious veges and fruits, both in urban, shared plots and in your own backyard or balcony.

    Another goal, of course, is tasty vegetable goodness. The cracker company is behind a multi-city push of urban gardenage, but they're also giving away seed packets in boxes of Triscuits. Basil and dill, two of the aromatic kings of the herb world.

    Learn more about the newest city garden in our city, and where the Home Farming movement is headed next.