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"Man on Wire" Thrills for Free

The Academy presents the heart-stopping doc.



    "Man on Wire" Thrills for Free
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    "Man on Wire" won the 2008 Best Documentary Oscar. The Academy screens it for free on Monday, April 26.

    "Man on Wire," the 2008 film which won the Oscar for Best Documentary, is one of those movies that lingers in one's ether for long time.

    It was a thrilling story of derring-do and sheer gumption, yes. But it also made the bottoms of the feet tickle, thinking about being so many many many stories above the street, with just a thin ropy piece of metal to stand on.

    The visceral-for-viewers film, which spotlighted Philippe Petit's August 1974 highwire saunter between the two towers of the World Trade Center, is returning to the big screen for a night, on Monday, April 26. The Academy is playing it, for free, at its Vine Theatre, as part of its Oscar Docs, Part Six series.

    "Smile Pinki" also plays on the bill, and Megan Mylan, the short's producer and director, will appear.

    Oscar Docs, Part Six concludes on Monday, May 3.