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Medieval Music in Our Downtown Marvel

Singers will perform inside the Bradbury Building.



    Medieval Music in Our Downtown Marvel
    Scott Ebright
    Downtown's Bradbury Building

    The Bradbury Building has starred in many films -- it was famously featured in "Blade Runner" and, more recently, it played Kinograph Studios in "The Artist" -- but the 1893-built wonder doesn't regularly serve as a cultural venue or a home to concerts and gigs.

    You're more likely to see a handful of reverential tourists (and, let's be honest, gaga-eyed locals) inside the Bradbury, staring up at all of its stairs and its whimsical elevator and its great Victorian glass roof. But a concert in the five-story architectural superstar? Not happening.

    That "not happening" will be reversed, however, on Saturday, March 3 when the Da Camera Society presents Trio Mediæval. The singers will be inside the fantastical building performing "medieval and contemporary songs." Is this a pre-chill situation? Are you thinking about standing in the landmark and hearing centuries-old songs? Totally pre-chills.

    Tickets are $39 and $43.

    We're thinking about the acoustics of the Bradbury now. We believe the tiles will amplify and project in a satisfying and stirring manner. Plus, the simple act of being in one of filmdom's greatest, real-life sets, hearing moving music, indeed tempts.

    Get to the concert before you see the Bradbury on screen again and think "wow, I could have heard music in that storybook space."

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