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Inside "Gristle": Moby Does a Food Book

The musician's at the Skirball, talking the origins of our edibles.



    Inside "Gristle": Moby Does a Food Book
    Moby's at the Skirball Center with his new book. See him on Tuesday, March 23.

    Moby has always been plenty Renaissance-y, what with his music and his activism and his New York tea house. 

    Now he's delving into the food industry, and where things we consume originate. He has co-edited a new book, along with knowledgeable food-industry watcher Miyun Park, called "Gristle: From Factory Farms to Food Safety."

    Moby will be at the Skirball Center on Tuesday, March 23, talking about his book, along with Ms. Park. Book Soup is a co-presenter.

    Inside "Gristle": Over a dozen voices commenting and thinking and opinionating on the very topical issues of where our food comes from and how it comes and how consumers can be aware and stay educated.

    If it surprises you that Moby is jumping into the book business, forget not that he has a relation in Herman Melville, a man who wrote a pretty well-known book or two himself.