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Movie Love in the 818

The Valley Film Festival puts the spotlight on Valley filmmaking.



    Movie Love in the 818
    You Got This
    "You Got This" will screen at the 2012 Valley Film Festival.

    If one thinks of Hollywood as a movie studio, then where would the studio backlot be?

    Why the Valley, of course, a location that shows up in famous film ("Boogie Nights") after famous film ("Fast Times at Ridgemont High") after famous film ("Valley Girl"). And tons of flicks that simply use the San Fernando for a quick scene or two.

    So when the Valley's first film festival rolled around just over a decade ago, it was a bit of surprise that it was the region's first cinema fest. It thrives today, keeping the 818 love on the up-and-up, with a flurry of films that "further the education, production, and distribution of filmmaking in The Valley..." Sounds good to us. 

    The Valley Film Festival is set to roll on Lankershim from Wednesday, Nov. 7 through Sunday, Nov. 11 at the Laemmle NoHo7. On the rundown? "Route 30, Too!" is the opening night movie. Shorts like "Bathing and the Single Girl," "You Got This," and "Liking Men" are set to screen later in the fest. And "A Few Best Men" is the closing night feature.

    Beyond spotlighting talent that lives and works from Sherman Oaks to Sylmar and beyond, the cinema gathering serves as a fine way for indie cineastes and fans in the area -- and from over the hill, too -- to hobnob and catch up on projects.

    Oh, and calling the Valley Hollywood's own studio backlot? That's a VFF reference, and kind of perfect, we think. So. If Hollywood is the studio, and the Valley is the backlot, what's the B tank? The Pacific? How about the commissary? Farmers Market? And the studio gift shop? Hollywood Boulevard? We could be here all day, honestly, thinking up stuff.

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