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Movies to Feel Good By

Only hankies for happy tears are required at these flicks.



    Movies to Feel Good By
    How to Make Love to a Woman
    "How to Make Love to a Woman" is shooting arrows at the 2010 Feel Good Film Festival.

    One of our favorite film festivals on the film festival calendar is opening, and we're not being ironic or raising our eyebrows or making air quotes around the word "favorite."

    It's a snark-free statement, and that's okay. But there's a lot that's okay about the Feel Good Film Festival, which roles at the Egyptian Theatre from Friday, Aug. 13 through Sunday, Aug. 15.

    You've probably picked up on the fest's sunny straightforwardness from its name. It does in fact seek to promote "the development, production, and distribution of short and feature-length films with happy endings..."

    On the 2010 slate is the cheeky-looking "How to Make Love to a Woman"; "Ashley's Ashes," about a mysterious inheritance; and the opening night feature "Father vs. Son."