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Neil Patrick Harris, "Rent" Actor and Director

He's helming one of the summer's biggest Bowl shows.



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    "Rent" is at the Hollywood Bowl from Aug. 6-8, 2010.

    Neil Patrick Harris has become, over the last few years, the apple of many eyes around Hollywoodland.

    Whether he's rascalling-it-up on "How I Met Your Mother" or putting in a showstopper at the Oscars, Mr. Harris has been that stand-up guy. And "Dr. Horrible?" We still want a full-length feature. Maybe a prequel? Moist can star.

    Now Neil Patrick Harris is directing "Rent," which will be on-stage at the Hollywood Bowl in a matter of days, and a few rehearsal peeks have been released, including one of him getting directorial with stars Vanessa Hudgens and Skylar Astin.

    We're putting this up for a few reasons. One, it is a Monday, and some NPH has a way of de-Monday-ing things. Two, "Rent" is straight ahead, from Friday, Aug. 6-Sunday, Aug. 8, and if you want tickets, you'll want to do the usual ticket-procuring-things immediately.

    And three. Neil Patrick Harris was in "Rent" back in the day; he played intense filmmaker Mark Cohen. But isn't everyone intense in "Rent"? One reason, among many, the Broadway hit has staying power.

    Our point: It would be fantastic if all directors could have played a part in the production they are directing. Lends a fuller experience, we imagine. And actor-director is an underused hyphenate in our books. With kudos to you, Mr. Eastwood.