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No Fooling: We Love This Sign

A famous place for pranks needs love.



    No Fooling: We Love This Sign
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    The Hollywood Sign looking unpranked.

    Last year about this time -- exactly at this time -- we were marveling at all the pranks that have gone down at the Hollywood Sign.

    April 1 will make you marvel in that way. And while the covering up of the giant letters isn't historically tied strictly to April Fools' Day, the Hollywood landmark has become a famous spot to tweak and prank.

    But last year we didn't know that the next upcoming change for the iconic hillside letters would spell out Save the Peak. Save the Peak is no mere tweak, as you've likely heard. It is, rather, a serious push on to preserve a large chunk of the surrounding land. And that, coincidentally, the clock would run out on the drive in April.

    If, in honor of April Fools', you'd like to eye a longer list of Hollywood Sign pranks -- and changes that were a bit less urgent and call-to-action-y -- you can see the rundown here.