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NorCal, by Air, for Nine Bucks

Fly from Long Beach to the Bay Area for mere dollars.



    NorCal, by Air, for Nine Bucks
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    JetBlue has an LBC/Bay Area deal afoot.

    We're going to be quick about this. How quick? The kind of quick like when you're running to your gate and your flight is nearly done boarding and you really need some high-octane coffee and maybe a magazine but there just isn't time.

    That kind of quick.

    JetBlue has a deal going: Long Beach to either Oakland or San Francisco for $9 (and $9 to come back). You have to nab your tickets online on Monday, April 26.

    There are a handful of travel dates in April and May. There are restrictions and things to know and things to do, of course, so you'll want to read everything. Who do you need to surprise up there? Take out to dinner? Someone, we bet.

    The Long Beach-based Aquarium of the Pacific gave us the tip. Thank you, Aquarium of the Pacific. You're busy, feeding various sharks and swimming things, and pursuing marine science, and yet you still are a font of information about travel-related topics. Amazing.