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One Day, One Cause, Thousands of Tweets

Twestival 2010 tweet tweets in 175 cities.



    One Day, One Cause, Thousands of Tweets
    Twestival 2010 is on Thursday, March 25.

    Let's stow all the navel-gazing canards for at least a moment or two. And the desire for serious users to put "@" in front of anything that stands still for two seconds.

    People who use Twitter are not just obsessed with what they had for breakfast, or the terrible traffic. True, the minutia of the doldrum-y day-to-day does get plenty of play on the 140-characters-or-less phenom, but so do a lot of fine causes, too.

    And a lot of that tweet-y good will coalesce at Twestival, that annual night for Twitter fans to come together, party, and raise money for a charity.

    Twestival 2010 is happening on Thursday, March 25. The beneficiary is Concern Worldwide. The Los Angeles location is the Roxy.

    We put "Los Angeles location" there because Twestival goes down in 175 cities around the planet. You probably can't make every one of those get-togethers, or even more than one, but we're betting there will be plenty of hot tweeting action about each and every celebration on a particular site. So really, aren't you attending every one of the parties?

    Twitter, props for your bringing-together-ness. @We @like @you, even despite all the "@"-ing. Or maybe because of it.