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Party Like It's 1922

One of our famous movie palaces marks a major one.



    Party Like It's 1922
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    The Egyptian Theatre celebrates its 90th anniversary from Thursday, Oct. 18 through Sunday, Oct. 21.

    What did people think of movies in 1922? Were they like "oh, the director's trying that old trick again?" Or "I hope they make a sequel." Or "how do I break into films?"

    We like to think that the movie business was still shiny and new in 1922 but movies had already been around a good long while, meaning the movie going experience was firmly in place.

    So when the Egyptian Theatre opened on Hollywood Boulevard in that year, jaded film lovers probably got their socks -- or, um, spats? -- knocked off. Here was a grand palace of cinema wonder created by none other than Sid Grauman, the king of outlandish LA buildings. It was a theater complete with hieroglyphs and mammoth statuary, a place devoted to pleasing the senses even before the first reel rolled. In short, the Egyptian upped the movie-going game early on, and mega cinemas, right up to our 24-screen multiplexes, all owe a debt.

    And when you're one of the world's most famous movie theaters, you get a birthday party for a big anniversary. Make that a five-day birthday party. The Egyptian will get just that out-sized honor, from Thursday, Oct. 18 through Sunday, Oct. 21, when fans and friends and cinephiles gather to pay tribute.

    "Robin Hood" from 1922 will screen on Oct. 18, which happens to be the very day the Egyptian opened in that year (and "Robin Hood" happened to be the movie that opened it; it was also that film's premiere). A mummython, a masquerade, and a Houdini presentation are all in store later on in the weekend. Flapper yourself out, a little, or find your boater and '20s-style suit, should you attend any of the events. (Or go mummy, given that it is the weekend before Halloween.)

    Tickets, times, dates, and Hollywood-style happenings here. Happy 90th, Egyptian Theatre; movies do change but you truly changed how we watched movies.

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