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Party for/on the Colorado Street Bridge

The nighttime bash takes it to the famous bridge.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Pasadena Heritage
    A Celebration on the Colorado Street Bridge happens on Saturday, July 10.

    With as city as large as ours, celebrations often end up in unusual places. The roof of a skyscraper or the middle of Santa Monica Boulevard or an ocean-close pier on a summer night.

    But we are hard-pressed to think of parties that happen on bridges. That's one reason the annual Celebration on the Colorado Street Bridge is special. It isn't fighting for attention in a bridge-bash pool of bridge-bashery.

    Nope. It's unique. It also celebrates one of Pasadena's best-known landmarks, a mammoth but graceful curve that's sat outside the entrance to the Crown City for nearly a century (the bridge was built in 1913).

    And on Saturday, July 10, bridge buffs will gather to fete the far-above-the-ground icon with music, a car show, eats and other festive touches. The party is from 6-10 p.m.; an adult ticket is $13.50.

    Pasadena Heritage is the host, so bet your money will go back to the bridge in part, or other local-landmarkian efforts.

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