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Pasadena, Off the Rose Parade-Route

Hometown Pasadena suggests a quartet of local drives.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    The Langham
    The Langham is one the Hometown Pasadena parade routes.

    It won't be all Tournament of Roses all the time for the thousands upon thousands of visitors making for Pasadena this week.

    Oh, it'll be fairly rosy 97% of the time, bet on it. But people will likely want to get to know the Crown City away from the Colorado/Orange Grove nexus, given that the city tends to show up in movies a lot and has since movies started being made. Oh, and song, too ("Little Old Lady from Pasadena" still rocks). Oh, and TV, in the eponymous series from a few years back.

    Now Hometown Pasadena has compiled "4 Parade Routes for Architecture Buffs," which will take the rental-car'd past many a famous landmark. Like The Langham, pictured above. And the Gamble House, Doc Brown's pad in "Back to the Future." And other Craftsman wonders that lend Pasadena its distinctively woodsy, river-rock-y, 1908-rules-forever look.

    We say "rental-car'd" but many of these areas are highly walkable, so park and get out. And if you're looking for Wayne Manor from the "Batman" TV series, it is on San Rafael. We couldn't leave without giving a shout-out. Because. Wayne Manor. Houses don't come much awesomer, and that is a fact.