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Pasta Monday

Just ten bucks for a risotto-laden feast.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Angeli Caffe
    Angeli Caffe hosts Pasta Monday on Aug. 9.

    The power of $10 is sometimes doubted these days, but you need only swing by Angeli Caffe on Monday, Aug. 9 to witness its still-impressive stretchiness.

    It is, after all, Pasta Monday at Angeli -- thanks to dineLA for the tip -- which means that diners get many, many plates for that very low price. On the Aug. 9 menu: Penne Puttanesca, linguine with heirloom sauce, shrimp, garlic and tomatoes, and a risotto. Plus a ricotta tart, a salad, and other tasties.

    Ten bucks. We have to say "bucks" rather than "dollars" here because bucks has more attitude, and Angeli has a bit of attitude, which we like. A flavorless world is a too-be-avoided world.

    Foodista Evan Kleinman is behind the night. There will be no reservations. Angeli Caffe is not the most capacious of restaurants, so don't get all huffy during the waiting-to-be-seated portion of your evening. Ten bucks.