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Persimmon Party in Orange

Save us a 'Simmon-cicle, please.



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    Persimmon Party
    The Persimmon Party is happening in Orange on Sunday, Nov. 14.

    Now this is California. We're talking about the Persimmon Party that's happening in Old Towne Orange on Sunday, Nov. 14. It's California in the sense that somewhere in the state, on some weekend, some type of vegetable or fruit is getting a festival. Sometimes, a particular fruit will get multiple celebrations over a single season (oh, we're definitely thinking of the strawberry here, and lemon).

    But even the persimmon, which is not as common in fruit bowls as say a strawberry or lemon, gets its local due. The three-hour party in Orange will feature all sorts of persimmony delights, including, wait for it, 'Simmon-sicles, which is going straight to the top of our list of fun food names to say. You'll be able to purchase other fruity treats, and cookbooks, and just whole delicious un-sicled persimmons, should you want to drive 'em right home and make something.

    And do we even need to remark upon the Persimmon Party happening in Orange? Telling all the world that not only do we excel in the growing of gorgeous fruit, but we hold our fruit festivals in places named after fruit.

    Sometimes the sheer California-ness of an event is frankly remarkable.