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Pranky: Queen Mary to Set Sail

A big ship plus an April Fool's joke. And, go.



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    Don't worry; the Queen Mary is staying put in Long Beach.

    Spying what role Los Angeles might take in the headlining pranks of any given April 1 is always something of a curiosity.

    The story about In-N-Out opening in New York gave our city something of a small role in the April Fool's prankery. After all, we all kind of own the beloved burger restaurants, don't we? No, we don't, In-N-Outs are in Nevada and Arizona, too, but hello, we certainly act like we all own 'em. Like each of us personally invented Animal Style.

    But another local landmark popped up in the pranks. You heard about the Queen Mary setting sail again? After being dry-docked for over four decades? 

    Um. Yeah. Almooost got us, Until a poster on Facebook pointed out that all the ship's steam boilers have been gone for years. Those would help.

    Hollywood Sign, you've always been the premiere prank place in town, in our mind. Best step it up next year; you've got some serious local competition.