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Props for Grammy Museum's Emerging Artists Nights



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    Dhani Harrison and Oli Hecks -- thenewno2 -- are at the GRAMMY Museum on Thursday, July 16th

    How often do we hear a song, or a snippet of a song, out of a shop window, and think, well, we like that, but who knows what it was, or the band. We'll likely never know, and that will be frustrating.

    But the GRAMMY Museum realizes that the world isn't all tried-and-true chestnuts, as much as we like 'em. We need our new, and to help us get it the downtown music emporium has created the Emerging Artists program. In a nutshell: up-and-coming artists talk about who they are, how they write their tunes, what's next, and then they play a few songs. Everyone wins.

    Up on Thursday, July 16th: thenewno2, which has synth, driving guitars, and vocals by Dhani Harrison. Perhaps you saw Mr. Harrison play at the "Concert for George" -- that would be his dad -- a few years back. Beautifully done. Joining the guitarist at the GRAMMY Museum is his thenewno2 partner Oli Hecks, who covers drums in addition to digital.

    Thursday, July 16th, 8PM. (Presented by American Express)