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Round Up Your Werewolves for Drive-In Delight



    Round Up Your Werewolves for Drive-In Delight
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    Director Joe Dante, and a werewolf or two, make for the Steve Allen Theater on Friday, April 3

    Dear drive-ins everywhere: you rule. You are a symbol of summer, and neither your fading glory nor rolling tumbleweeds nor cracked asphalt nor the public's changing tastes in how movies are consumed can dim that fact.

    But all is not lost. A venue plunk in the middle of the city, we are happy to report, heralds the coming days of warmer weather by opening its parking lot, rounding up some scary big-screen classics plus oodles of Showtime "Masters of Horror" episodes, and inviting the big names behind all the fright to come speak in person. Thank you, Steve Allen Theater. Thank you so much.

    While there's a whole scream-y slew of mad-eyed movies coming in the months ahead (yay, "Army of Darkness"), the kick-off flick is "The Howling" which, you might guess by the title, is pretty tricked-out in the werewolf department. Director Joe Dante is appearing before the lycanthrope-y film for a Q&A, and before that the Steve Allen will screen the also chilling "Homecoming" (Dante's "Masters of Horror" contribution).

    Can we all give a rah-rah for Joe Dante? Or maybe a Gizmo-like coo? He helmed "Gremlins," one of the most heartwarming horror/holiday movies ever put to celluloid. Just think about all those mischievous gremlins mucking about and try not to chuckle. Oh, we can't even try. We are chuck-o-ling something wicked.

    "The Howling" with Joe Dante in Person
    "Masters of Horror" Drive-In Night
    Friday, April 3, 8PM
    $8 person/$30 car (eye the site about reserving your car space ahead)
    Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles