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Santa Barbara on a Whim

The new "Spur of the Moment" campaign offers last-minute deals.



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    The Spur of the Moment Santa Barbara campaign launched on Tuesday, July 6.

    Let's all agree that few weekend plans are ever truly set in stone on a Monday.

    We want to finesse and groom and fuss over our getaways all week. Then, at about 5:10 p.m. on Friday, right when we're heading for the train or car, we'll call the plans firmed up, finally.

    Enter the new Spur of the Moment email from the Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau. It debuted on Tuesday, July 6, with all sorts of last-minute hotel and attraction bargains. "Last-minute" here meaning that the bargains are good for the next week. The Hotel Corque starting at $99 a night? The Montecito Inn from $149? Yes.

    Sign up and get an email every Monday that lets you know what that week's deals are. Spur of the Moment is happening through Labor Day. You're flexible, right?