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Saving Charo "Chico's Angels" Style

The trio of cross-dressing, authentically LA crime fighters go "undercovers" aboard the Love Boat



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    Chico's Angels
    "When one of Charo's back-up dancers is shot mid-performance, Charo realizes she was the intended target. She hires 'Chico's Angels' to find the wannabe-assassin and save her ocean-going career," according to

    The tamale-eating, glitter glossy, drag queens who solve crimes and make audiences laugh are at it again. The trio known as "Chico's Angels" performs in a small basement theater of a Mexican restaurant in Silver Lake.

    "Actually, July is our anniversary, seven years ago," said Kay Seda, the "pretty one" of the team. "The show is coming back. It's the 'Love Boat' episode and somebody is trying to murder Charo."

    Seda, Frida Laye and Chita Parol spoof the 1970's show "Charlie's Angels," and have developed a cult following in Los Angeles theaters and online worldwide.

    "Through the magic of Facebook, we've got fans from all over the country and even Japan," said Seda.

    Silver Lake Local: Chico's Angels

    [LA] Silver Lake Local: Chico's Angels
    The trio of cross dressing Latino crime solvers are at it again in their latest show at Casita Del Campo Resturant in Silver Lake.
    (Published Monday, July 19, 2010)

    "And Iceland," added Laye. "And India, who knew? India loves us. I'm like, 'Hey, Namaste.' And I'm like I'm going to stay right here, OK."

    The three men credit their characters to the women in their lives.

    "A whole lot of my mom. My mom is bigger than life and you know when she walks into a room," said Oscar Quintero, who plays Kay Seda. "The first time my dad saw me do Kay Seda, he said 'Ah, you look like your sister.'"

    Decked out in floral prints, chiffon and tight leather, the three will hit the basement stage on July 27 at Casita Del Campo Restaurant. You can get tickets at, but get your tickets early, the shows are selling out fast.