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Sharpies are the Stars of a New Art Happening



    Sharpies are the Stars of a New Art Happening
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    A new art exhibition focuses on the Sharpie, that favorite writing tool of people signing bestsellers.

    You have your fountain pen people, your texters, those who only communicate by interpretative dance, or the traditionalists who love to use an old-fashioned quill. Seriously, everyone has their way of expressing themselves, but Sharpie people are into their favorite implement.

    The Crewest Gallery is celebrating that marks-forever pen with a new exhibit of works rendered in, yep, Sharpie. Dozens of artists will draw the thick lines, the skinny lines, the soaked-in dots, the scribbles, all using the famous quick-drying tool (in fact, it even says "quick-drying" on the body of the pen itself -- we just checked, and have decided we like Sharpie more, for all that it communicates right on its outer shell. Check for yourself.)

    A DJ will be spinning at the opening, and artists will be drawing live. Sharpie-ing live? It dries quick, so you know that art will be swift.

    And you probably know a Sharpiest (Sharpien?), or are one. Us, we like the thin brown or green Sharpies for all important documents, or for the flourish-y signing of bestsellers. Thank you, dear Sharpie, for making things permanent in an impermanent world.

    The Sharpie Show
    Opening reception: Saturday, February 7, 6-9PM (show runs through March 1)
    Crewest Gallery, 110 Winston Street, Los Angeles