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Shave the Date

Have your razors at hand, gentlemen; here comes Movember.



    Shave the Date
    It's nearly Movember, when men grow 'staches to raise money to support men's health issues. Shave the Date kicks it all off, with razors and foam, on Thursday, Nov. 1.

    Memes pop up and fizzle out, but "put a bird on it," a 2011 saying that hailed from the show "Portlandia," showed some impressive pop culture legs.

    That's because, for a time, every offbeat item, be it a bag, a tee, or a hat, did seem to sport something ornithological. But birds, we have news for you: You've been replaced. Now the mustache, or moustache, if you prefer, is the handsome and charmingly twee king of the handmade world.

    Which only lends excellent support to Movember, the annual grow-a-'stache-for-men's-health month. If you guessed Movember falls during November, hooray! If you didn't, we want you to take a nap and rest immediately.

    In short, men grow hair above their upper lip from Nov. 1-30 to raise awareness and cash for "prostate and testicular initiatives." Shaving parties fall on the first of the month -- that's Thursday, Nov. 1 (obviously the 1st, but we wanted you to know the day of the week) -- and parties to show off all the grand stachery grown fall at the end.

    People support the good-hearted 'staching through donations and such.

    There are a number of parties popping up around Southern California, including mid-November meet-ups. While we like the Nov. 1 Shave the Date bashes, and the end-of-the-month parties, we have a soft spot for the mid-grown mustache, which can be rather prickly and unformed. Which is why participants need our support at mid-month all the more.

    For more information on where to find a party, or how you can support Movember, all the info is 'stached -- er, stashed -- here.

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