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Sing-Alongs Go Long

Want to warble? You've got choices.



    Sing-Alongs Go Long
    Steve Cohn
    Sing the "Messiah" along with the Los Angeles Master Chorale on Sunday, December 20th at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

    You like singing, in public, joyfully, with strangers, who are also singing, joyfully. Say it. Good.

    You'll like the weekend of December 18th-20th. That's when the Music Center and Walt Disney Concert Hall basically give it over and give it up to us, the people of this great city. We're the stars. We're the singers. We're hitting the high notes, if we've got the range. Or trying, at least.

    Up on Friday, December 18th: the free (let us say that again, free) Holiday Sing-Along at Music Center Plaza. It is indeed a pay-nothing deal, but a ticket is required, and tickets will be given out starting at 6PM. So getting there early, and definitely by 6PM, should be in your plans. If you do snag an admission, you'll fa-la-la from 6:30-8PM, in the dramatic setting of the Plaza. You'll get a lyric sheet, fret not, word-forgetters.

    On Saturday the 19th, there are two daytime Holiday Sing-Alongs inside Walt Disney Concert Hall. These do have a price, but, you'll be singing inside Walt Disney Concert Hall. Fancy fancy you.

    Finally, the biggie, also not free, but big, enormous big. Well, these are all biggies in our book, but on Sunday is the famous "Messiah" sing-along with the Los Angeles Master Chorale inside Disney Hall. Talk about an adrenaline-raiser; it'll put the flush in the cheek. Powerful music. The Chorale says this is a packed house and we believe it. 7PM