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Small-Screen Vampires Loom Large

All vampires all the time all weekend.



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    Paley Center for Media
    The Paley Center for Media celebrates the vampires of "Moonlight" and other TV shows.

    Nope, "Twilight" hasn't been made into a television series.

    But loads of other dwellers of the shadows have populated that flickering box in our living rooms. And the Paley Center for Media is putting the spotlight -- if spotlights should ever be put on vampires, with them liking darkness and all -- on celebrated TV vampires from Friday, November 13th through Sunday, November 15th.

    Smart move, Paley people. Because, oh, why? Right. "New Moon," the next "Twilight" film, opens on November 20th. So the appetites of fright fans are whetted and ready for sultry, often-misunderstood fictional characters that only want to imbibe blood and be left in peace.

    Or, mostly. Depends on the vampire, really. The Paley will have a whole variety of them, with screenings of past panels from shows like  "Dark Shadows" and "Angel" and "True Blood" and "Moonlight."

    Good stuff for bloodsucking buffs. If you're brave enough.