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SoCal Suds Soiree

Ales flow at Aviation Park.



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    The SoCal Suds BeerFest is at Aviation Park on Saturday, Aug. 21.

    Well, someone wisely checked the weather calendar when planning a beer festival for the third weekend in August.

    Because suds and swelteringness? Old buds. And since we just happen to be at the tail-end of some of the swelteringest days of the year, it is lucky that the SoCal Suds BeerFest is about to go down on Saturday, Aug. 21.

    Question: Does sipping a lager in a shoulder-baring top just make it taste a little bit better? Some researcher out there is madly looking into this, we suspect. (We suspect his lab coat is also shoulder-baring, too.)

    There will be over 45 breweries behind the BeerFest tables at Aviation Park in Redondo Beach; the ale-makers include Hobgoblin, Moonshot, and Lagunitas Brewering Company. There will be music, too. And there will be two sessions. The first is from 1-4 p.m., the second from 5-8 p.m. (SoCal Suds notes that all brewers will remain for both.)

    General is $40.