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Star Warz Burlesque and Cabaret Coming to the Fonda

The Force is strong with this one



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Star Warz Burlesque and Cabaret is coming to The Music Box @ Fonda in Hollywood.

    Fanboys planning a Star Wars movie marathon this Friday night might want to reschedule -- and for good reason: There's finally an opportunity to combine erotic dancing with the powers of the Force.

    Or as it's collectively known: the dark side of the Force. This Friday, the Music Box @ Fonda in Hollywood will host Star Warz Burlesque and Cabaret.

    "If you're a Star Wars fan and you think you've seen it all, get ready to go an entirely new galaxy with Devil's Playground on March 12," according to the show's website.

    They're not kidding. When was the last time you saw a half-naked woman appear from inside the body of Jabba the Hutt? Or for that matter, C-3PO take off her top while shaking her hips. This is not your father's protocol droid.

    Courtney Cruz (pictured) has teamed up with creative director and costume designer Carlos Flores for this show. It's being billed as "their most elaborately-designed production to date."

    You may remember Cruz as the brains behind other such oversexed pop culture mashups at Bordello Bar. Or as LA Weekly put it, "If the city is in the midst of a burlesque revival, then Devil's Playground is at the forefront, giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."

    After this show, we may need mouth-to-mouth. We're not sure if our nerdy little hearts can handle all that passion.

    Star Warz Burlesque and Cabaret
    Music Box @ Fonda
    Friday, March 12 (9 p.m. - 2 a.m.)
    Online ticket sales are now closed
    Limited number of tickets available for walkups night of show