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Sting's "Symphonicities" Ring at the Bowl

The balladeer combines classic songs with classical sounds.



    Sting's "Symphonicities" Ring at the Bowl
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    Sting and the Royal Philharmonic are at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday, June 15.

    Whenever we spy a picture of Sting wielding a dulcimer, which we feel like we have, often, through the years, we breathe easier. Everyone who likes the junction where edgy rock anthems meets traditional stringed compositions looks to the former Police man to bridge that gap.

    That gap grows narrower on Tuesday, June 15, when Sting joins the Royal Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. The evening is devoted to the singer's "Symphonicities," which longtime fans can guess is the melding of Sting-y songs with violinic flourishes.

    A little harp just played in our heart.

    His "Symphonicities" album is due in July, but bet you'll get a full-throated preview at the Bowl. And while he may not be wearing a doublet and playing a harpsichord this time out, we will be satisfied to see the star within feet of a cello section.