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Street Feast VIP Tickets Might Be Yours

Retweet, and maybe possibly nab two tickets.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    Americana at Brand
    Street Feast at Americana at Brand

    The popularity of the Los Angeles food trucks is now known so far-and-wide that we suspect someone might be making a miniseries based on this, or writing an ode.

    And when those trucks all gather en masse, hoo boy. Prep your queue/patience/chatting-up-peckish strangers skills.

    But Americana at Brand has one solution. They've got a mondo gather-the-trucks thing ahead -- Street Feast is the name, and it is happening on Tuesday, June 15 -- and they've got a chance-to-win-tickets thing going.

    The thing: Follow @AmericanaBrand, tweet a specific Street Feast link, and maybe win two VIP tickets. Details.

    VIP cuts down on the queuing and patience-needing and the chatting up of peckish strangers. Although we kind of like all that.