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Sundance-Based Finger-Crossing in High Gear

We're pre-excited for you.



    Sundance-Based Finger-Crossing in High Gear
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    The selections for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival will be announced on Wednesday, December 2nd.

    Look, we're not saying that getting into the Sundance Film Festival is about finger-crossing.

    No. If you've ever known a person who has worked on a film that has been submitted to Sundance or Slamdance or any of the satellite "-dances," you know that they sometimes take a decade out of their lives to see that movie from start to film-festival-finish.

    A decade. No hyberbole. Ten years. Or more.

    The finger-crossing bit just comes in the final hours, which we have now officially entered. The most famous of the indie celluloid round-ups is putting the word out on which films will get that special Sundance brand of love on Wednesday, December 2nd. 

    Here are a few things to say ahead of the flurry of film titles/stars that are just ahead:

    -- Better get on Twitter and see what the fest is saying, because the announcements on various parts of the January 21-31, 2010 shindig are coming faster and fasterer. (You can link to the "secret widget" via the Sundance site.)

    -- The site has a rallying cry on the front page: "This is Sundance, reminded." If the festival has made press for outgrowing its britches in recent years, it seems like a call to returning to those late '80s, iconoclastic roots. There is also a new section within the larger festival called NEXT, which will spotlight hardly-any-budget films. Read more. 

    -- The Sundance store has early catalogs and vintage posters from those hardknock but halcyon days. Fun buys for the cinephile in your life.